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SKU: AP - 006

Limited Edition 18" x 24" Print on 80 # Cover Stock.


Total of 10 copies available, each signed and embellished upon order.


Quarantine was a strange time. Everything went still, and most facets of our typical routines were put on hold. It forced us to re-evaluate how we utilize our time. For me, it led to experimenting with new illustrative techniques, and in turn stumbling upon this #mech style of mine.


As I'm "assembling" a new piece, the analytical side of my mind is as entertained as my creative side. My mind wanders as I contemplate how each component functions and connects to the next one. I strive to cross the lines between logic and imagination, and it has truly fueled my creativity in a whole new way.


I wanted to pay homage to this DISCOVERY with this piece. The unknown crystal compound floats in place and radiates energy. This energy is harvested and converted into fuel for further explorations. Going into 2021, I know there are many good things to come, so I press on.

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