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SKU: OP - 004


In recent years we've truly seen the power informational technology has over us as a whole. Misinformation over digital media platforms can have a major ripple effect within our society. As technology continues to advance, it's important to be mindful of what you consume and exude. 'See No Evil' represents the demise of those that can't see beyond what is presented to them, and I hope it serves as a unique visual reminder of the thorns to the rose of modern technology.

This piece is comprised of two 3/4"-thick die-cut wood panels, layered and attached to each other, then hand-painted with acrylic paint. The surface of the piece sits about 4.5" off of the wall when hung, and it comes wired and ready to hang. Two battery-operated, remote-controlled LED strips are mounted to the back of the piece, which emits a glow from the left and right sides of the piece. These lights are dimmable and can be set the emit a cool or warm glow.

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